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X Drilling Tools (XDT) is a supplier of choice to international oil & gas operators who take drilling to extremes – and require downhole products built for the task. 

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WedgeTail™ Roller Reamer

When you need a tough, superior roller reamer tool that deploys new technology to enhance efficiency and safely reduce drilling time. Read More

ShingleBack™ Stabilizer

We have developed an innovative and versatile product in the ShingleBack™ IB stabilizer. Read More

Taz™ Unlimited Activation Circulating Sub

X Drilling Tools™ has developed the TAZ™ circulation sub to provide a truly unlimited number of activations downhole. Read More

Specialist Speak


If the natural environment of Australia has taught us anything, it’s that you need strength and adaptability to survive and flourish in the modern-day oil & gas industry.

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ALS Oil & Gas Locations

Cedar Drilling Turbines - Superior performance for hard rock drilling, high temperature and demanding directional wells.

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